Smoked, dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil

Vegetables that seduce you into the world of meat

Juicy, sun-dried tomatoes smoked over beech wood, in mild extra virgin olive oil with the addition of Mediterranean herbs. An interesting combination of Mediterranean and continental flavors.

By smoking our naturally dried tomatoes we evoked the taste of cured, dried meats.

The extra virgin olive oil left in the jar has a mild aroma of smoked tomatoes and spices.

It can be used to enhance complex salads, as a sauce for rice and pasta, as well as an addition to other sauces.


  • Alone on a piece of bread, bruschetta, cracker
  • As a snack with red wine, cheese and cold cuts
  • As an addition to red meat sauces
  • As an addition to sauces and stews
  • Diluted with extra virgin olive oil as a sauce for meat, a topping for pasta, rice and various salads


  • Sun-dried tomatoes, naturally dried in the sun
  • Garlic
  • Capers
  • Parsley Extra virgin olive oil
  • Beech wood smoke

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Presentation of the company in the TV show People and their land.

We presented our activity in the November issue of Naša žena magazine.